Your Health is Our Priority

Highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals which attend at our pharmacies and clinics to serve and help you, our patients.


General practitioner (Family doctor)

Milia’s Pharmacy Isla: Dr.Joseph Tonna.

Milia’s Pharmacy Marsascala: Dr. Robert Gauci & Dr.Tonio Xuereb.

Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu: Dr.Jean-Paul Camilleri.

Milia’s Pharmacy Zurrieq: Dr. Victor Camilleri.

Sonren by Milia’s Pharmacy: Dr.Andrew Baldacchino

Mediatrix Plus Pharmacy Zabbar: Dr. Robert V. Gauci & Dr. Pamela Gauci.



Mr. Marco Vella has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu by appointment.

Ms. Alexia Incorvaja has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Marsaskala by appointment.

Mr. Mark Sacco has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy, Isla every Wednesday by appointment.

Ms. Mary Grace Grima has a clinic at Mediatrix Plus Pharmacy by appointment.



Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu: Ms. Annalise Cassar Seychell every Tuesday by appointment.

Milia’s Pharmacy M’Scala: Ms. Annalise Vassallo every Wednesday by appointment.

Milia’s Pharmacy Zurrieq: Mr. Angelo Zammit Monday to Friday by appointment.

Milia’s Pharmacy Isla: Ms. Annalise Vassallo every Thursday  by appointment.

Sonren by Milia’s Pharmacy: Mr. Silvan Gauci every Thursday by appointment.

Mediatrix Plus Pharmacy: Mr.Luke Saliba every Friday by appointment.

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr. Rodianne Camilleri Agius has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu every Wednesday by appointment.

Dr. Joanna Ghigo has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Marsaskala alternate Wednesdays.

Dr. Silvaine Dalli has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Isla every other Thursday by appointment.


ENT specialist

Dr. Ryan Grech has a weekly clinic upon appointment at Milia’s Pharmacy Marsascala on Friday, Milia’s Pharmacy Zurrieq and Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu on Wednesday.

For more information call on 27023322 / 21689971 / 27600126.



Mr. Nicholas Desira available by appointment at Milia’s Pharmacy M’scala and Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu.

For more information call on 27023322 / 27600126


Dental Clinic

A fully equipped Dental and Implantology Clinic and a Dental Technology Lab are available at Mediatrix Plus Pharmacy, Zabbar.

Dental Implants, Fixed-Crowns and -Bridge, Professional Tooth Whitening, Orthodontics, Root Treatments, Gum Care, Dentures and denture repair, Emergency Dental Treatment, X-Rays (including 3D), and Hygienist.

Kindly call on 21826685 for appointments.



Attending at Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu upon appointment.

For more information call us on 27600126.


Educational Psychologist

Ms. Erika Genovese, educational psychologist, has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu by appointment.

For more information call us on 27600126.

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist available by appointment at Sonren Pharmacy Tarxien.


Counselling Therapist

Mr. Alan Seychell and Ms. Chantelle Sciberras at Milia’s Pharmacy M’scala by appointment.

Eye Clinic and Ophthalmologist

Mr. Melvin Gouder has a clinic at Milia’s Pharmacy Birgu.
For more information call us 27600126

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Dawn Caruana has a clinic every alternating Tuesday at Milia’s Birgu and Milia’s Marsascala.

Also has a clinic on Thursdays at Milia’s Zurrieq.

All clinics by appointment.


Consultant Sport and Exercise Medicine

Dr. Kirill Micallef Stafrace available by appointment every other Thursday at Mediatrix Plus Pharmacy Zabbar.


Ms. Fleur Bugeja available by appointment at Mediatrix Plus Pharmacy Zabbar.



The POYC Scheme is a nationwide pharmaceutical service that to-date meets the needs of over 140,000 outpatients benefitting from Government’s free pharmaceutical stock under the Schedule V legislation through the 219 community pharmacies.



A urinalysis is a test of your urine. A urinalysis is used to detect and manage a wide range of disorders, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes. A urinalysis involves checking the appearance, concentration and content of urine.

Blood testing & monitoring

Blood glucose & Cholesterol testing and monitoring
Blood pressure monitoring

Ear piercing

By appointment


Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations for Child and Adult